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Transport packaging - safe without plastic!

Perfectly protected premium bottles, but packaged without plastic, sustainable, recyclable and compostable: The traditional company HEINZ-GLAS is taking the next step towards a more environmentally friendly future.

The transport of the exclusive glass products is even safer and plastic can be completely dispensed with: According to HEINZ-GLAS, the fiber cast packaging developed together with the Cologne-based company PAPACKS Sales GmbH and COTY has more than fulfilled expectations.

PAPACKS - Sustainable packaging

The most important thing the Upper Franconian bottle manufacturer emphasizes is that the three-dimensional transport bowls are more dimensionally stable and shock-absorbent than their plastic predecessors and guarantee improved protection. The innovation is based on 100% renewable fibers such as cellulose from trees and industrial hemp. This alone reduces the CO2 footprint by a factor of four.

According to the zero-waste principle, the PAPACKS® GIGAFACTORY 1 The cast fiber transport packaging produced can either be recycled as waste paper in the green circulation system or decompose as biocompost within 6 weeks.

Of course, cast fiber transport packaging is robot-compatible, can be stacked to save space and, thanks to the reduced number of components, allows easier handling when assembling the pallets. The mold concept for manufacturing the cast fiber transport packaging was developed and patented over the years based on PAPACKS 3D printing technology. The fiber casting molds coming from the 3D printer can therefore be adapted to individual customer requirements in a cost-efficient and flexible manner.

The joint work between PAPACKS®, COTY® and HEINZ-GLAS was published at EU level as an industrial case study on the future topic "Circular Economy". You can find all information about this on our website:

Pulp is the ecological and economical answer to current packaging and transport issues for premium products.
PAPACKS and its partners invite all customers to walk the environmentally friendly path of new and better technology together.


With a family tradition of glassmaking going back to 1523, the HEINZ-GLAS Group is now one of the leading manufacturers of glass bottles and jars for the perfume and cosmetics industry.


About COTY Inc.

Coty is one of the world's leading cosmetics companies, with net sales of more than $ 9 billion and an extensive portfolio of leading brands.


PAPACKS - Sustainable packaging


PAPACKS® is Europe's most innovative manufacturer of plastic-free packaging solutions made from renewable raw materials to avoid single-use plastic. 


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